Art Neighborhood

Artist Workshop with Lisa Marie Ludwig

FRTan10_ 2019.jpeg


presented by Lisa Marie Ludwig

Sunday November 17th 1-4PM

free event, open to all ages 

In celebration of Front Room’s 20th Anniversary, The Art Neighborhood is coming to Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Lisa Marie Ludwig has created a Carry-A-Long Play Set Diorama of the Williamsburg Bridge with Blank-Canvas Action Figures to be created in YOUR likeness to be donated to the diorama. The Williamsburg Bridge represents the Front Rooms journey from their location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to their new destination, LES. This is a way to bridge the communities together, getting to know our neighbors and share with one another the transformative power of art.


It is an all-inclusive community art experience. It has many layers to unfold keeping anyone who is interested entertained. Anyone can participate and anyone who does gets to encounter Lisa and her passion for the community and for her art. The Art Neighborhood encompasses Lisa’s multimedia /medium art style. It is a true NYC treasure.
SO don’t miss out on this opportunity to see it for yourself.

The Art Neighborhood is celebrating 10 years of community collaboration, creating unique artwork.
You can participate in creating an Action Figure of yourself. Lisa makes figures from recycled foam and wire that she tapes and gesso to offer a “blank canvas” to ignite creativity and introspection.


Visitors are invited to create, decorate and then donate their figure to the diorama. Lisa Ludwig will add your figure to the ongoing Art Neighborhood project, and keeps a registration of each figure with details about the maker (Name, Age, Town and Action Figure information; ie, favorite quote, nickname, the back story for their figures).
Each figure’s photograph and details are kept in books and are also uploaded onto Facebook, where she has the entire Action Figure Registry on-line.