Studio Couples Therapy with Dr. Lisa

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Studio Couples Therapy with Dr. Lisa

Sunday January 6th at 3PM

Sunday, January 6th at 3PM, Dr. Lisa will psychoanalyze artist couples from our current exhibition, Studio Mates, curated by Patricia Fabricant. The exhibition features: Thomas Broadbent, Janice Caswell, Patricia Fabricant, Alex Gingrow, Jessie Henson, Amy Hill, Christopher Lowry Johnson, Mark Masyga, Kelly Parr, and Wendy Small.

The exhibition “Studio Mates” explores the ways in which two New York City artists influence each other in a shared creative space. Dr. Lisa will give some insight into the conscious and unconscious mind of artists and their studio relationships. Join us for a studio couples session with selected artists from the exhibition.

Lisa Levy has been doing her work of the self-proclaimed psychotherapist, Dr. Lisa since 2001. She has psychoanalyzed audience volunteers, celebrities, artists and comedians live, unscripted, on stage, screen and on the street. her Radio Free Brooklyn radio show, Dr. Lisa Gives A Sh*t, she’s been doing funny psychotherapy session weekly.

You can listen live every Thursday 2-3pm here: Dr Lisa Radio Free Brooklyn Listen to her archive of 150+ radio shows here: Dr. Lisa Gives a Sh*t

Hear curator and artist Patricia Fabricant interview here: Artist/Curator Patty Fabricant shares her insights about the relationships between artists who share studios.