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1. How did you meet your studio mate?

My strongest memory was being herded into a gallery photo at Schroeder Romero and feeling like I was part of acting out an old photo of artists group shots.  Like we were all suppose to be gaunt and have cigarettes . I remember liking that Janice was there for this odd moment.

2. How long have you shared a space?

We think about 4 years.  I came in February and it was so cold I loved how strong the heat was.

3. Have you shared a studio with anyone else?

Yes. I have shared studio’s with Karen Arm and Kathleen Kucka. I also work with a group of 6 artists now called Victory Garden and we execute projects for protesting or raising money together.  

4. How often do you work together in the space? 

Most of the time if we are there together it is on the weekends.

5. Do you engage in regular dialogue about your work? About other art you see?  

Of course . We talk a lot.

6. Do you listen to music, talk radio, or silence? Together or on separate devices?

I work in complete silence as it brings me the quickest into solitude.  I usually only listen to music in the studio if I am trying to shift how I feel.  Music makes my time seem to go too quickly, and I often feel like things are going as great as the song is which is not always accurate. I never hear any music in Janice’s studio.

7. What is the best thing about sharing your studio with this person? What drives you crazy?

She is a great thinker , I love her steady way of distilling information quickly.  She has an innate diplomacy and tactfulness which is a great balance to my impulsivity.  I also feel lucky to watch her work go up on the walls in all its changing arrangements and colors.

What drives me just a little crazy is that she does not drink coffee and eats weird food. Also her cats are more beautiful then mine and I am crazy jealous that she does not have to pay for framing her work.