Studio Mates Interview: Janice Caswell




1. How did you meet your studio mate?

We were both represented by Schroeder Romero (located first in WBurg, then in Chelsea). I don't remember the first time we were introduced, but it must have been around 2003 or so.

2. How long have you shared a space?

About 4 years, I think.

3. Have you shared a studio with anyone else?

Yes, several people. I was in our current space with Lizzie Scott for about 12 years, My first studio mate was Keiko Narahashi. We shared a space in Tribeca. Others include Jen Hitchings, and Monika Bravo (who shares with Wendy and me now).

4. How often do you work together in the space? 

There are times when we run into each other a couple of times in a week, but it's usually less often than that. 

5. Do you engage in regular dialogue about your work? About other art you see?

Yes. When we are in the studio together we inevitably talk about what we're working on, shows we've seen and artists we're looking at. 

6. Do you listen to music, talk radio, or silence? Together or on separate devices?

Wendy prefers not to have music on when she's working. I sometimes listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks and other times need complete silence; it depends on what I'm doing. The studio rule is that if you want to play music (or whatever) and you aren't there alone, you use headphones.

7. What is the best thing about sharing your studio with this person? What drives you crazy?

 Best thing: The conversations we have. Whether we're talking about our work, the work of others, or the meaning of life, our conversations are always thought-provoking and fun. Wendy has a quick, agile mind and can easily get to the crux of a problem I'm struggling with in my work. I love running into her at the studio and when she's away for long periods, as she is each summer, I really miss my "Wendy" time.

What drives me crazy? Wendy is delightfully distracting, so much so that when we're in the studio together I'd rather chat with her than focus on my work. Sometimes I get dizzy following her mind as it jumps rapidly between topics, but that's part of the fun.