American Landscape

America in Photographs

This exhibition of features contemporary photographers turning their lens to the American Landscape. The topics and scenes these artist capture are culturally relevant to the United States, yet often overlooked. featuring: Amanda Alic, Phillip Buehler, Jade Doskow, Sean Hemmerle, Stephen Mallon, Walker Pickering, Ken Ragsdale, Paul Raphelson, Ashok Sinha, Zoe Wetherall, and Edie Winograde

Amanda Alic's "Off Season" series looks at Amusement Parks without the bustling crowds. The vestiges of the vibrant activity is imprinted on the sites, even in their seasonal vacancy.

Phillip Buehler has been exploring areas often off-limits, to bring cultural shifts to light. Buehler's sense of adventure and discovery translates to stunning images of sites seldom visited.

Jade Doskow's ongoing series, "Lost Utopias" documents the sites of Former World's Fairs. America has hosted multiple world's fairs and Doskow's large format photographs capture the unique architecture of these locations with a clarity of vision and sense of historical importance.

Sean Hemmerle's photographs of the "Rust Belt" capture the grandeur of the past, when America's industrial manufacturing was at its peak.

Stephen Mallon takes to the coast line of the United States in his series, "Next Stop Atlantic" which documents the recycling of the iconic New York City subways cars. Decommissioned subways train cars were placed on barges and dropped in the Ocean along the East Coast to make artificial reefs.

Walker Pickering's series, "Nearly West" reflects on the subtleties in the landscape and culture from West Texas to the Southern regions of the US. Through the lens of travel and adventure, he seeks out the hidden among the ordinary. Pickering’s work captures the mundane trappings of travel, rest-stops and unexpected roadside encounters.

Ken Ragsdale's photographs are the final result of his meticulously constructed scenarios, created entirely of paper. Inspired by memory, Ragsdale recreates elements of the North-Western Landscape, modified through his unique method and process.

Paul Raphaelson, is an American artist best known for urban landscape photography. In the early 1990s, after moving to Providence, Rhode Island, he started producing formally complex, often dark depictions of the urban, suburban, and industrial landscape.

In Ashok Sinha’s series “New York to Los Angeles,” Sinha captures the beauty and abstractions of the landscape below that often go unnoticed by millions of travelers every day. Sinha's newest series documents the height of architectural advertising in the Los Angeles in the 1950's United States.

The beauty of Zoe Wetherall's photographs are in the structured geometry of natural and man-made forms. Wetherall presents an abstract view of the American Landscape from an aerial view taken from the unusual perspective in a hot air balloon.This series shares the artist's perspective of the world by documenting the environment around us.

Edie Winograde's "Place and Time: Reenactment Pageant Photographs" series presents the concept of History as the collective memory of past experience. In this ongoing series, Winograde photograph staged pageants, re-enactments of incidents (legendary or real) in American history presented in their original locales.