Figurative vs Abstract

Front Room Gallery honored to be presenting, on its 20th Anniversary: "Figurative vs. Abstract," with works by artists that create abstract works, those work work figuratively and and those who embrace both and employ methods and theories from abstract and figurative art. Featuring: Thomas Broadbent, Debra Drexler, Peter Fox, Amy Hill, David Kramer, Jesse Lambert, Mark Masyga, Melissa Pokorny, Emily Roz, Ross Racine, Patricia Smith, Joanne Ungar.

Thomas Broadbent, "The Thread"

Thomas Broadbent, "The Thread"


watercolor on paper,

framed in natural wood shadowbox frame

42”x42” signed on reverse by the artist

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This beautifully painted watercolor depicts a Canada goose standing atop a modernist chair with the natural collection of brambles and branches to create what might become a nest. Books and notebooks are strewn around the base of the chair and the goose has torn a page from an open book, while smaller birds pool a thread throughout the scene and bees fly around.